The Reset bottle sleeve is designed to help stop the spread of superbugs in gyms.


Project Background

During the senior year of my Industrial Design degree, I paired up with graphic design student Garvey Smith to research and design for a "wicked problem." We chose to learn about antibacterial resistance and narrowed our context to gyms during the process.

While gym goers don’t always remember to wipe down gym equipment, gyms provide antibacterial wipes that use complex chemicals that can actually cause superbugs, like MRSA, to become resistant to the antibiotics made to attack them.



Together we collaborated in conducting research and concepting. I was responsible for designing and creating the prototype while Garvey designed the branding and packaging.


Research Methods


Literature Reviews

Our first step was to learn more about what causes superbugs to develop and the overuse of disinfecting products.

From our research, we mapped what we knew and didn’t know about antibacterial resistance which led us to discover a design opportunity in the context of gyms.



We met with university gym staff to learn about their cleaning procedures and products they use to disinfect.

Being spaces with surfaces many people come into contact with everyday, the gym uses disinfectants (“Kills 99.9% of bacteria”) with chemicals like triclosan rather than alcohol-based disinfectants, which don’t cause superbugs to develop resistant strains.



The concept to carry wipes in a water bottle wrap came to us intuitively: drinking water is essential for doing physical activities like working out at the gym, and refillable water bottles are an item already carried by an overwhelming number of gym goers.

I used quick sketching and mockups to explore the design of the form before sewing the final prototype.



The aesthetic for the product is inspired the styles and materials used in workout clothing, particularly heather knit fabrics paired with bright spot colors.



Prototype and Branding


How it works


Service design

Implementing this design requires cooperation of the gym in order to provide wipe packets.

We saw an opportunity for gyms to include Reset bottle wraps as apart of a gym membership with the gym's logo printed on them, and to have dispensers for wipe packets next to water fountains.

A tangible product like this has the potential to create greater sense of connection between the member and the gym service while still showing personal style.